Project Snapshot – PARIS II Trial

Acute Hypoxaemic Respiratory Failure aged 1-4 years (Paediatric Acute Respiratory Intervention Studies) Recruitment stats: Study commenced December 15th 2017 and study completed recruitment 27 March 2020 with recruitment of 1512 patients. Data analysis complete Manuscript complete (awaiting final Statistician elements) and will send to high ranked journal in April. 14 Centres participating include: Australia GCUH, … Continued

Implementation research study day a big success!

PREDICT would like to thank all those who attended the workshop “Implementation research in the PREDICT network – what is implementation research, what have we achieved and where are we heading?” on the Thursday 31st March. Attended by 33 participants, it was an engaging and informative workshop. We were very fortunate to hear presentations from … Continued

RA Study Day – 2nd & 3rd June

A face-to-face, two day Research Nurse/Assistant education session will be held on the 2nd & 3rd June 2022 at Queensland Children’s Hospital in Brisbane. Education and training for the following studies are included: PROMPT Bolus and SENTINEL SONIC PEACHY O & M CHOICE Your manager/supervisor will advise you if you have been nominated to attend … Continued

New PREDICT publications

Congratulations to the following PREDICT authors: Furyk JS, George S, Phillips N, Emeto TI, Watt K, O’Brien S, Riney K, Wilson C, Hearps SJ, Borland ML, Dalziel SR, Babl FE; on behalf of the Paediatric Research in Emergency Departments International Collaborative (PREDICT). Status Epilepticus Australasian Registry for Children: A pilot prospective, observational, cohort study of paediatric status … Continued

Project Snapshot – SENTINEL

Sepsis Epidemiology in Australian and New Zealand Children  Design: Multi-centre, prospective observational study to investigate the prevalence, management, and outcomes of children with sepsis. Setting and Target: 11 PREDICT sites in Australia and New Zealand (same sites as enrolling for PROMPT Bolus). Inclusion criteria: Age <18 years, requiring hospital admission for treatment with IV/IM/IO antibiotics … Continued

Project Snapshot – PRoMPT BOLUS

Pragmatic Paediatric Trial of Balanced Versus Normal Saline Fluid in Sepsis (PRoMPT BOLUS) A pragmatic, international randomised controlled trial comparing 0.9% saline to balanced fluids for sepsis resuscitation and initial maintenance. Aim: To evaluate the effectiveness and safety of balanced fluids for sepsis resuscitation and initial maintenance compared to 0.9% saline. Setting and Target: 11 … Continued

Project Snapshot – Observational study of COVID-19 Infections: Clinical Characteristics and Outcomes at PREDICT Sites

Aim: Describe clinical features and outcomes of patients < 18 years who tested positive with COVID-19 and presented to hospitals across Australia in the PREDICT network. Design: A multicentre retrospective study involving data extraction from medical records on children who test positive for COVID-19 and are seen in emergency or admitted to hospital. Recruitment: Sites … Continued

New PREDICT publications

Congratulations to the following PREDICT authors: Haskell L, Tavender EJ, O’Brien S, Wilson CL, Borland ML, Cotterell E, Babl FE, Zannino D, Sheridan N, Oakley E, Dalziel SR. Can targeted interventions change the factors influencing variation in management of infants with bronchiolitis? A survey of Australian and New Zealand clinicians: A paediatric research in emergency … Continued