Project Snapshot – Sustaining improvements in the management of infants with bronchiolitis – a PREDICT study

The PREDICT ‘Knowledge Translation in Australasian Paediatric Acute Care’ (PREDICT KT study) (HREC/16/RC), a multicentred, cluster, randomised control trial of infants with Bronchiolitis, demonstrated that use of targeted, theory-informed interventions (clinical leads, stakeholder meeting, train-the-trainer workshop, targeted educational package, audit/feedback) significantly improved compliance with five key non-evidence-based practice recommendations for bronchiolitis (chest x-ray, salbutamol, glucocorticoids, … Continued

Project Snapshot – KIDS THRIVE

Trans-nasal Humidified Rapid-Insufflation Ventilatory Exchange in Children Requiring Emergent Intubation AIM: The aim of this study is to assess the effect of THRIVE as a method for prolonging apnoeic oxygenation during the emergency intubation of children to reduce the proportion adverse events (specifically, oxygen desaturation) and increase the proportion of first attempt success for endotracheal … Continued

Involving Consumers in your Research – Article 1: Recruitment

Involving Consumers in your Research Over the next few months Cate Wilson, Simon Craig, Marietta John-White and other project leads will contribute a series of articles outlining how we have involved consumers in the Million Minds research program, what we have learned and how we might improve things in the future. Article 1: Recruiting a … Continued

Implementation Research Workshop – 31st March 2022

This one-day, online event scheduled for 31st March 2022 will address implementation research in the PREDICT network – what is implementation research, what have we achieved and where are we heading? Dr Emma Tavender, the PREDICT Knowledge Translation Co-ordinator, together with local and international implementation science researchers will present sessions throughout the day, concluding with … Continued

New PREDICT publications

Congratulations to the following PREDICT authors: Pfeiffer CK, Smith K, Bernard S, Dalziel SR, Hearps S, Geis T, Kabesch M, Babl FE; PREDICT Network. Prehospital benzodiazepine use and need for respiratory support in paediatric seizures. Emerg Med J. 2022 Jan 25:emermed-2021-211735. doi: 10.1136/emermed-2021-211735. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 35078857.  Pfeiffer CK, Mackay MT, Long E, … Continued

Getting to know you – meet Angie Nguyen Vu

Our “Getting to Know You” segment ensures PREDICT members are aware of new members, their interests and areas of expertise and where they are located. This month we introduce Angie Nguyen Vu from EMF in Brisbane.  Welcome to PREDICT Angie. “I’m Research Manager at the Emergency Medicine Foundation (EMF) based in Brisbane. EMF is a … Continued

Getting to know you – meet Tim Robertson

Our “Getting to Know You” segment ensures PREDICT members are aware of new members, their interests and areas of expertise and where they are located. This month we introduce Tim Robertson from Perth Children’s Hospital.  Welcome to PREDICT Tim. “I am a paediatric registrar completing my training at the Perth Children’s Hospital in Western Australia. … Continued

PREDICT Executive – vacancy for Research Assistant

We have a vacancy for a one year period initially (2022) for the Research Assistant position on the PREDICT Executive. We are inviting nominations from Research Assistants across PREDICT who will then be selected by the existing Executive. To be eligible,  you need to be an existing PREDICT member. Nominations are open until 18th of … Continued

Project Snapshot – SONIC study

Study of Neck Injury Imaging in Children (SONIC): Improving the Diagnosis of Spinal Cord, Bone and Ligament Injuries Many children sustain head and neck trauma during their lifetime. Significant neck injuries – to spinal cord, neck bones and connecting ligaments – can be identified by performing neck imaging with x-rays, or, if needed, computed tomography … Continued

New!  Head Injury Guideline Algorithm Video

Dear PREDICT members, We are pleased to let you know that a new video has been developed to accompany the PREDICT Australian and New Zealand Guideline for Mild to Moderate Head injuries in Children Algorithm, which outlines the key Imaging and Observation Decision-Making recommendations and how to use the algorithm in your clinical decision -making. … Continued