Research resources added to library

A number of new documents have been added to the Research Resources section of the PREDICT website.
Please take a look at this section of the website as there are some useful research tools and information available to download.

New resources include: 
Family Engagement resources
–  Recruitment advertisement template (can be adapted when you need to recruit consumer advisors)
–  Training meeting agenda example (example agenda of what you might include in training for consumer advisors)
–  Evaluation form, PIERS and PEET surveys (examples of evaluation questions for clinicians and consumer advisors working together)

Study Workload Measurement 
– This tool is designed to help estimate the workload of new research projects. We will be asking lead PIs to complete this for new projects so that it can be sent out with a request for an expression of interest from sites to participate in the study. 

Expression of Interest – Survey Example AND Expression of Interest – Project Example.
– These are templates for lead PIs to draft an Expression of Interest email inviting sites to participate in PREDICT endorsed surveys or projects.  (This email would be sent out by the PREDICT network coordinator). 

Expression of Interest – REDcap – Survey AND Expression of Interest – REDcap – Project.
– These are examples of mini REDcap databases that can be used to collect the response from sites that wish to express interest for their site to participate in a PREDICT endorsed survey or project.