Study design

Australasia, multicentre, non-interventional, Delphi Study.

Chief Investigators

Simon Craig (Monash Health), Co-ordinating Principal Investigator
Franz Babl (Murdoch Children’s Research Institute)
Meredith Borland (Perth Children’s Hospital)
Vicki Anderson (Murdoch Children’s Research Institute)
Rohan Borschmann (Murdoch Children’s Research Institute)
Kylie Gray (Warwick University),
Michael Gordon (Monash University)
Glenn Melvin (Deakin University)
Harriet Hiscock (Murdoch Children’s Research Institute)
Katherine Lee (Murdoch Children’s Research Institute)
Frank Muscara (Murdoch Children’s Research Institute)
Bruce Tonge (Monash University)
Amit Kochar (Women’s and Children’s Hospital)
Richard Haslam (Murdoch Children’s Research Institute)
Cate Wilson (Murdoch Children’s Research Institute)
Emma Tavender (Murdoch Children’s Research Institute)
Also see site PIs listed below under site locations.


2019 – 2021


NHMRC Medical Research Future Fund Million Minds Mission.

Site locations

  • Children’s Hospital at Westmead, NSW, Australia (PI Alexandra Thorburn)
  • Royal North Shore Hospital, NSW, Australia (PI Alexandra Thorburn)
  • Tamworth Rural Referral Hospital, NSW, Australia (PI Amie Beattie)
  • Gold Coast University Hospital, QLD, Australia (PI Shane George)
  • Robina Hospital, QLD, Australia (PI Sabine Woerwag-Mehta)
  • The Prince Charles Hospital, QLD, Australia (PI Faye Jordan and David Wood)
  • Queensland Children’s Hospital, QLD, Australia (PI Natalie Phillips)
  • Logan Hospital, QLD, Australia (PI Ben Lawton)
  • Women’s and Children’s Hospital, North Adelaide, SA, Australia (PI Amit Kochar)
  • Austin Health, VIC, Australia (PI Robert Millar)
  • Royal Children’s Hospital, VIC, Australia (PI Franz Babl)
  • Monash Medical Centre, VIC, Australia (PI Simon Craig)
  • Casey Hospital, VIC, Australia (PI Alastair Meyer)
  • Barwon Health University Hospital, VIC, Australia (PI Jeremy Friend)
  • Angliss Hospital, VIC, Australia (PI Paul Buntine)
  • Box Hill Hospital, VIC, Australia (PI Paul Buntine)
  • Maroondah Hospital, VIC, Australia (PI Paul Buntine)
  • Sunshine Hospital, VIC, Australia (PI Doris Tham)
  • The Northern Hospital, VIC, Australia (PI Mark Corden)
  • Frankston Hospital, VIC, Australia (PI Rosamond Dwyer)
  • Warrnambool Hospital, VIC, Australia (PI Tahnee Dunlop)
  • Ballarat Hospital, VIC, Australia (PI Elyssia Bourke)
  • Perth Children’s Hospital, WA, Australia (PI Meredith Borland)
  • Albany Hospital, WA, Australia (PI Matthew Coleman)
  • Royal Hobart Hospital, TAS, Australia (PI Viet Tran)
  • Tauranga Hospital, Tauranga, New Zealand (PI Joanne Cole)
  • Starship Children’s Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand (PI Stuart Dalziel)


Approximately 10-15 participants per site, with a total estimate of 200 children and young adults aged <18 years. Participants will also include the children/young adult’s guardians and those providing care (ED staff, acute psychiatry and paediatric staff, ambulance paramedics, police, hospital security, and community mental health workers).