Requirements of PREDICT endorsed projects

Review and approval by the PREDICT Executive

New projects to be carried out with PREDICT endorsement must first be submitted to the PREDICT Executive for review and approval, preferably early in their development.

Contact the PREDICT Network Co-ordinator

Approximately one month prior to the next Executive meeting (below) to get it onto the PREDICT agenda along with accompanying documents that need to be reviewed. Start earlier if you have a survey that is going to PREDICT members as it may need to be scheduled with other competing surveys.

PREDICT Executive Meetings – 2019

February 19/02/19 Tuesday
March 14/03/19 Thursday
May 03/05/19 Friday
June 7/06/19 Friday
July 23/07/19 Tuesday
August 16/08/19 Friday
September 11/09/19 Wednesday
October 23/10/2019 Wednesday
November 29/11/19 Friday


Projects must be multi-centre

A PREDICT study must involve more than one centre. However, as few as two centres working collaboratively could constitute a PREDICT study.

Formation of a Study Steering Group

Once approval is obtained, if there is not already a study steering group, please organise one as soon as possible to facilitate collaborative development of the study protocol and ongoing management of the study.  PREDICT would prefer that members work in partnership with the study team to have input to the study at an early stage.Two members of the steering group should be PREDICT members (one should be your executive contact as explained below). One steering group member should be a research nurse/assistant. The Executive Committee should be advised of all members of the Steering Group as soon as this is organised.

Regular reporting to the PREDICT Executive and Membership

One of the Executive Committee members, will be nominated upon approval to be your contact person for ongoing communication with the PREDICT Executive.

The contact person should be provided with a progress report for scheduled Executive Committee meetings. The contact person will present this report and advise the Study Steering Group of any suggestions from the PREDICT Executive following routine project progress review.

The study contact should also be provided with minutes of the Study Steering Group meetings.

It is also expected that you or your nominated study lead will present on study progress at the annual PREDICT members meeting.

Selection of PREDICT sites

When a study commences selection of sites for the study, they should liaise with the Network Co-ordinator to get a current listing of PREDICT sites/members that could potentially be invited to participate (subject to your selection criteria).

The site investigators participating in PREDICT endorsed studies will all need to be / or become PREDICT members – to facilitate network communication. Referrals for membership should be directed to the PREDICT Network Co-ordinator.

Communication across the network

Research co-ordinators who provide support across regional areas should be copied into key communications so they can provide support to sites involved in the study (in addition to the study specific co-ordinators). Contact the network co-ordinator for advice on this.


Lead researchers must try to include site investigators in publications as much as possible or spread authorship across a number of papers (where possible) and always try to acknowledge sites/staff in the acknowledgements section of the paper. The PREDICT network must also be acknowledged in any media or publication following agreement by the PREDICT Executive.Other options include:

  • issue certificates to the sites to acknowledge the department.
  • send template letters to groups of staff at sites to personally thank them.
  • offer to present study findings at the sites.