Who we are

The Paediatric Research in Emergency Departments International Collaborative (PREDICT) network, was established in 2004 and includes research institutions, healthcare providers and researchers involved in paediatric emergency care across Australia and New Zealand.  It is the largest paediatric emergency medicine network in the southern hemisphere and is currently a National Health and Medical Research Council funded Centre for Research Excellence (GNT 1171228).

What we do

There were originally 14 foundation sites involved in PREDICT and now there are many more.  These sites are located throughout Australia and New Zealand, bringing together multidisciplinary teams who undertake multicentre paediatric emergency research projects.  The network also facilitates the professional development of members through providing opportunities for higher degrees, provision of post-doctoral mentoring, funding research training and facilitating collaboration with global paediatric emergency medicine networks. There are currently over 200 members from over 50 sites involved in PREDICT who undertake multicentre paediatric emergency research projects throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Vision and mission

Our vision is to establish an evidence base and improve emergency care for children and adolescents through rigorous research.

Our mission is to improve the power and capacity of paediatric research by coordinating research activities among the participating institutions and providing a sustainable research infrastructure.

See Reference:Babl F. E., Krieser D., Oakley E., and Dalziel S., ‘A Platform for Paediatric Acute Care Research‘, Emerg Med Australas, (2014) 26 (5), 419-22.


  • To improve the power of paediatric research activities by combining the efforts of individual institutions.
  • To facilitate and coordinate research activities among the participating institutions.
  • To create a research infrastructure for paediatric emergency medicine research on a national and international level in the participating countries.
  • To mentor new investigators to improve research skills and develop research projects.


PREDICT Sites Location Map

Member foundation sites

  • Children’s Hospital Westmead (NSW)
  • Gold Coast University Hospital (QLD)
  • John Hunter Hospital (NSW)
  • Kidzfirst Hospital (NZ)
  • Queensland Children’s Hospital (QLD)
  • Monash Medical Centre (VIC)
  • Perth Children’s Hospital (WA)
  • Royal Children’s Hospital (VIC)
  • Starship Children’s Hospital (NZ)
  • Sunshine Hospital (VIC)
  • Sydney Children’s Hospital (NSW)
  • The Canberra Hospital (ACT)
  • Townsville Hospital (QLD)
  • Women’s and Children’s Hospital (SA)

Non foundation member sites