Research education sessions – next session 24th May 2024

Research education session #3 is scheduled for 24th May from 11am-12noon (AEDT).  Cate Wilson will present consumer involvement and Emma Tavender will present different types of research designs such as:

  • Audit/QI
  • Qualitative 
  • Mixed methods
  • Implementation designs

Calendar invites have been forwarded.  See timetable for further details of sessions and topics for the remainder of the year.

We hope you can join us.

New PREDICT publications

Congratulations to the following PREDICT authors:

Long E, Davidson A, Lee KJ, Babl FE, George S. Adaptive platform trials rather than randomised controlled trials for paediatric sepsis. Emerg Med Australas. 2024 Apr 10. doi: 10.1111/1742-6723.14409. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 38600436.



PREDICT has been successful in securing RCH Foundation funding of $666,000.00 over 3 years for development of the Paediatric Adaptive Sepsis Platform Trial (PASSPORT) study.

A/Prof Elliot Long will lead the study which will use novel trial design to test multiple treatments for sepsis simultaneously with the aim of improving sepsis outcomes for children. The trial will incorporate adaptive enrolment, treatment allocation, and domain completion/commencement over time so that participants are always exposed to the best treatment combination.

Study planning and statistical simulations will commence mid-2024, with the aim to begin enrolment in 2026.

PREDICT Prize – ACEM 2024

The PREDICT Prize in Paediatric Emergency Medicine (PREDICT Prize) will be presented at the 2024 Annual Scientific Meeting for ACEM, held in Adelaide, Australia, 24 – 28 November 2024. PREDICT, will award $500 cash for the best oral presentation that addresses an important topic in Paediatric Emergency Medicine.  Award criteria will be made available upon submission of an abstract.

Membership update completed

Thank you to our members for recently updating your details and confirming your ongoing PREDICT membership.  We lost some members who have moved on but have gained others.  We look forward to working with you all again in 2024.

PREDICT members meeting 2024 – 20th Anniversary

The PREDICT members meeting for 2024 will be held on the Gold Coast on 31st October (2.30pm-5.30pm) and 1st November (8.30am-3.30pm). 
At this meeting we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the network. 

This 1.5 day event will include a dinner on the evening of 31st October.  Further details will be advised and a calendar invite sent once we are able to confirm r details at the Gold Coast University Hospital.

We encourage all members to join us this year for a very special members event.

New PREDICT publications

Congratulations to the following PREDICT authors:

Tavender E, Eapen N, Wang J, Rausa VC, Babl FE, Phillips N. Triage tools for detecting cervical spine injury in paediatric trauma patients. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2024, Issue 3. Art. No.: CD011686. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD011686.pub3.

A new PEM research network!

Four members of the PREDICT Executive (Elliot Long, Stuart Dalziel, Franz Babl and Simon Craig) were invited to assist with a workshop aimed at furthering the development of a Paediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) research network in India. The March 2024 workshop was held in Bengaluru alongside the National Assembly on Pediatric Emergency Medicine (NAPEM) and built upon an initial development and prioritisation workshop held in Hyderabad last year.

Over twenty delegates attended the workshop, which resulted in the formation of a new national PEM research network in India: the Pediatric Resuscitation and Emergency Research Network of India (PRERNI).

We would like to extend our congratulations to the inaugural co-chairs of PRERNI – Prof Indumathy Santhanam and Prof Jayashree Muralidharan, as well as the other PRERNI executive members (Dr Suresh Kumar Angurana, Dr Raghu Vanaki, Dr Bharat Choudhary and Dr Mounika Reddy).

We look forward to continued collaboration over the coming years!


The new PRERNI executive team


Elliot and Stuart discuss network specifics with the team

Research resources added to library

A number of new documents have been added to the Research Resources section of the PREDICT website.
Please take a look at this section of the website as there are some useful research tools and information available to download.

New resources include: 
Family Engagement resources
–  Recruitment advertisement template (can be adapted when you need to recruit consumer advisors)
–  Training meeting agenda example (example agenda of what you might include in training for consumer advisors)
–  Evaluation form, PIERS and PEET surveys (examples of evaluation questions for clinicians and consumer advisors working together)

Study Workload Measurement 
– This tool is designed to help estimate the workload of new research projects. We will be asking lead PIs to complete this for new projects so that it can be sent out with a request for an expression of interest from sites to participate in the study. 

Expression of Interest – Survey Example AND Expression of Interest – Project Example.
– These are templates for lead PIs to draft an Expression of Interest email inviting sites to participate in PREDICT endorsed surveys or projects.  (This email would be sent out by the PREDICT network coordinator). 

Expression of Interest – REDcap – Survey AND Expression of Interest – REDcap – Project.
– These are examples of mini REDcap databases that can be used to collect the response from sites that wish to express interest for their site to participate in a PREDICT endorsed survey or project.