RA study days – Melbourne 24 & 25 July

Planning is well under way for the two day face-to-face Research Nurse/Assistant education session to be held at the RCH Melbourne on 24th and 25th July 2023.

Participants have been finalised and flights and accommodation confirmed.

Studies to be covered are:

  • Mental Health Prospective Observational Study
  • Asthma Prospective Study
  • Febrile Convulsions (FEBCON)
  • SPASMs

NB. The SONIC, PROMPT Bolus/Sentinel and PEACHY O & M Co-ordinators will also be present at a designated time during the two days to answer any questions you may have about these studies that are now well underway.

We will cover all study related topics including governance applications, study oversight, in depth study specific education, databases, legal contracts, GCP and recruitment.

Participants will receive an email in the next few weeks confirming arrangements such as access to MCRI, Larwill check-in process and general housekeeping.