New PREDICT Executive

Each two years the eight positions on the PREDICT Executive are re-elected.  This year there were exactly eight nominees from our membership, so all of these people automatically became the new Executive members (without further vote) and they selected a new Chair and two Vice Chairs.

Congratulation to:

  • Simon Craig – Chair
  • Elliot Long – vice Chair (1)
  • Shane George – Vice chair (2)
  • Amanda Williams
  • Sharon O’Brien
  • Bronwyn Griffin
  • Libby Haskell
  • Natalie Phillips

The Executive also elects non-officio Executive members for their support and expertise.  These members include:

  • Meredith Borland (Past Chair)
  • Franz Babl
  • Stuart Dalziel
  • Emma Tavender
  • Cate Wilson
  • Ed Oakley

We will also be calling for a Research Assistant and a Research Higher Degree candidate in the next months.

Finally, we would like to thank Meredith Borland for her work as Chair of PREDICT over the past four years – her commitment to this role has been exceptional.