Project Snapshot – APHIRST Gap


Australian Paediatric Head Injury Rules Study: Assessing the gap prior to implementation (APHIRST Gap) aims are to:

i) determine the baseline CTB rate for a broad range of hospitals;
ii) understand why there may be variations in CTB rates and
iii) determine what resources are currently available and used by the ED community to inform their management of mild head injuries.


APHIRST Gap currently has 31 sites recruited to the study at 27/04/17, across Australia and New Zealand (1 ACT, 6 NSW, 9 QLD, 2 SA, 6 VIC, 4 WA, 3 NZ).

Other progress:

  • NEAF ethics application in draft for Australian sites (WA in progress), NZ to complete own application
  • Grants: Natalie Phillips submitted an Emergency Medicine¬†Foundation grant (April 2017) to support funding of QLD sites. Franz Babl submitted an Angior Foundation grant (April 2017) to support funding of the VIC sites.

RCH Audit (May 2017)

  • RCH audit to commence in May 2017 for trial of the 100-case audit using REDCap CRF