PREDICT Publication Guidelines updated

All PREDICT endorsed research that is published needs to conform with our approved Guidelines so please ensure you read our updated guidelines now.

Key points we wish to bring to your attention are:

  • Please read the “Requirements for authorship”  – which provides guidance on how to make authorship decisions when there are large groups of potential authors.
    A new planning template and example is provided.
  • Please ensure you acknowledge the Centre for Research Excellence grant using the wording noted in the guidelines.
  • All PREDICT publications must be reviewed by the Chair of PREDICT prior to submission to a journal.
    Please allow approximately 2 weeks for your draft to be reviewed and email directly.
  • Contributors  who do not meet the criteria for authorship but who have contributed to the study should be acknowledged.
  • Please remember to acknowledge all funding groups appropriately and invite them to use a prepared media release if available/relevant.