Head injury guideline out for formal consultation

We are pleased to confirm that the PREDICT Australian and New Zealand Guideline for Mild to Moderate Head Injuries in Children has been completed and sent out for formal consultation and endorsement.

In the development process, we have reviewed and synthesised >20,000 literature articles and have had two face to face Working Group meetings. We are aiming to release the final version of the guideline and share it with our members in late August.

The guideline scope includes pre-hospital triage decisions (who to send and where), acute imaging, discharge advice (return to school/return to sport) and initial follow-up. The 25-member Guideline Working Group (listed below) included a consumer and a wide range of clinicians (ED, paediatrics, radiology, neurosurgery, psychology, neurology, sports medicine, general practice, doctors, nurses, paramedics, rehabilitation) across all states/territories and countries. We would like to thank them all for their hard work over the last 18 months.

Thank you: Prof Vicki Anderson (Neuro-cognitive Specialist, Melbourne, VIC), Prof Franz Babl (Co-Chair of Guideline, Emergency Physician, Melbourne, VIC), Dr Dustin Ballard (Emergency Physician, USA), A/Prof Karen Barlow (Paediatric Neurologist, Brisbane, QLD), A/Prof Peter Barnett (Sports Medicine and Emergency Physician, Melbourne, VIC), Scott Bennetts (Ambulance Victoria, Melbourne, VIC), Dr Roisin Bhamjee (General Practitioner, Melbourne, VIC), A/Prof Meredith Borland (Emergency Physician, Perth, WA), Dr Jo Cole (Emergency Physician, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand) A/Prof Liz Cotterell (Paediatrician, Armidale, NSW), Dr John Craven (Emergency Physician/Paediatric Retrieval Consultant, Adelaide, SA), Prof Stuart Dalziel (Co-Chair of Guideline, Emergency Physician, Auckland, New Zealand), Prof Gavin Davis (Neurosurgeon, Sports Medicine Physician, Melbourne, VIC), Dr Lambros Halkidis (Emergency Physician, Cairns, QLD), Libby Haskell (Nurse Practitioner, Auckland, New Zealand), Prof Stacy Goergen (Radiologist, Melbourne, VIC), Dr Ben Lawton (Emergency Physician, Logan, QLD), Dr Anna Lithgow (Paediatrician, Darwin, NT), Sharon O’Brien (Nurse, Perth, WA), Glenda Mullen (Nurse Practitioner, Sydney, NSW), A/Prof Ed Oakley (Emergency Physician, Melbourne, VIC), Michelle Paproth (Consumer, Melbourne, VIC), Dr David Perry (Radiologist, Auckland, New Zealand), Dr Emma Tavender (Implementation Scientist, Melbourne, VIC), Cate Wilson (PREDICT Co-ordinator, Melbourne, VIC).