Project Snapshot – PERN Pneumonia

PERN PNEUMONIA – report on Australia and New Zealand sites 

Sites active

  • 9 out of 13 Australia / New Zealand sites have completed governance requirements and are able to commence enrolling patients.


  • Over 17 patients have been enrolled to date across 6 sites


  • Overall the study the study has commenced smoothly with few issues.
  • On a practical level, study enrolment is not difficult or time consuming. In essence, after brief verbal consent there are a few questions that investigators need to ask parents that are not routinely collected- such as if there is a smoker in the house and about influenza vaccinations, but most information can be extracted from the medical records.
  • Some sites will find it easier to enrol during non clinical time – for others enrolment is easier during clinical shifts. At RCH we are using a mix of both.
  • Please advise Franz of any concerns or difficulties with interpretation of eligibility or other issues.

Also see newsletter from PERN Central.