Awards and recognition for Libby and Sharon

Congratulations to Dr Libby Haskell (Starship Children’s Hospital) and Dr Sharon O’Brien (Perth Children’s Hospital) for receiving the following awards:

Best Presentation: College of Emergency Nurses NZ Conference (CENNZ), held in Christchurch 19 & 20 October 2023. 
Presentation title: “Can targeted interventions change clinicians beliefs in the treatment of infants with bronchiolitis?

This abstract was submitted in 2020 with authors from the KT bronchiolitis study and PREDICT network. The conference was delayed repeatedly until this year (Libby presented the main KT bronchiolitis results at the 2019 CENNZ conference).
Libby tweaked the content a little so it was a full wrap up of the entire PREDICT KT bronchiolitis study, with the last piece of the puzzle being the results of the staff surveys “Can interventions change clinicians beliefs?”.

Libby at the conference dinner in the “Cardboard Cathedral” in Christchurch.

Best Nursing Presentation: 2023 Child Health Research Symposium, WA
Presentation title: “Evidence based management of infants with bronchiolitis – Why is it so hard?.”

The results of two publications – Prevalence of high flow nasal cannula therapy use for management of infants with bronchiolitis in Australia and New Zealand (JPCH 2022) and Factors influencing health professionals’ use of high-flow nasal cannula therapy for infants with bronchiolitis – A qualitative study (Frontiers in Paeds 2023), were presented.

Sharon with her nursing prize.