Project Snapshot – Predicting Infectious ComplicatioNs In Children with Cancer (PICNICC)

Site enrolment:

The PICNICC study achieved target recruitment 31/01/2018 and has now closed to accrual, with 854 Febrile Neutropenia (FN) episodes captured in our database.

Recruitment stats:

  • >2139 screened for PICNICC FN eligibility
  • 854 enrolled for Objective 1 – Febrile Neutropenia Episode Audit
  • 35 complete (Day 1 and Day 2) bloods samples, with an additional 84 Day 1 only samples, Objective 2 – LCCH and RCH ONLY
  • 221 contributions to Objective 3 – Quality of Life Surveys

No significant issues with processes, eCRF, or site recruitment.

Sites involved:

  • RCH, Melbourne – 378 recruited (commenced October 2016)
  • JHCH, Newcastle – 41 recruited (commenced November 2016)
  • LCCH, Brisbane – 172 recruited (commenced March 2017)
  • MCH, Melbourne – 47 recruited (commenced May 2017)
  • SCHN, Randwick – 65 recruited (commenced May 2017)
  • WCHN, Adelaide – 69 recruited (commenced June 2017)
  • SCHN, Westmead – 53 recruited (commenced September 2017)
  • PMH, Perth – 29 recruited (commenced September 2017)


The rate of recruitment exceeded our expectations and we are very pleased to have achieved our target sample size for PICNICC Objective 1 ahead of schedule. Pilot analysis of Objective 2 blood sampling is due to take place in February/March 2018. Data cleaning is well underway nationally and we aim to start analysing results from the study in March/April.

We have a very thorough eCRF and if anyone is interested in exploring a specific area of fever and neutropenia please do not hesitate to contact, or to discuss further. Thank you to all those involved in the PICNICC study for your hard work and enthusiasm!

….. Next month we feature Asthma Retrospective.