ConSEPT Study update

Overall Progress

2016 was a big year for the ConSEPT study as all 13 sites came on board and we saw a steady increase in participants over the course of the months. A special welcome to Christine and the team at Waikato in Hamilton New-Zealand who joined us in October and have recently enrolled their first patient.

Our overall progress has been continuing to grow over the summer months. We have 147 enrolled patients of which 124 were seizing at the time of receiving their first dose of study medication. We are well on track to recruiting the 200 required patients who were seizing at time of receiving the first dose of study medication.

We are currently recruiting approximately 8-9 patients per month although this number increases over the winter months so we are looking very likely to complete recruitment towards the end of 2017.

A huge thank you to all our research teams for your hard work. Special thanks to the sites who helped test out the redcap database and to those who have entered all their sites data so promptly.

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