Severe sepsis is the final common pathway for many childhood infections, with mortality rates ranging from 6-30%. Part of the initial management of severe sepsis in recent years has been aggressive fluid resuscitation. In 2011, a large, multicentred, randomised trial of fluid resuscitation in Sub-Saharan Africa demonstrated increased mortality from this practice. The impact on developed countries has been unclear. No change to current guidelines has taken place. This survey of senior Emergency Department clinicians sought to clarify if and how fluid resuscitation is currently conducted in Australian and New Zealand Emergency Department with specific reference to fluid resuscitation. The study was distributed electronically to PREDICT site representatives, who disseminated it within their department.


Completed Publication

Long E., Babl F., Dalziel S., Dalton S., Etheridge C., and Duke T., ‘Fluid Resuscitation for Paediatric Sepsis: A Survey of Senior Emergency Physicians in Australia and New Zealand’, Emerg Med Australas, (2015). link