Project Snapshot – Observational study of COVID-19 Infections

Observational study of COVID-19 Infections: Clinical Characteristics and Outcomes at PREDICT Sites Aim: Describe clinical features and outcomes of patients < 18 years who tested positive with COVID-19 and presented to hospitals across Australia in the PREDICT network. Design: A multicentre retrospective study involving data extraction from medical records. Recruitment: Sites – 16 hospitals in … Continued

New PREDICT publications

Congratulations to the following authors: Bourke EM, Say DF, Carison A, Hill A, Craig S, Hiscock H, Babl FE, O’Donnell SM. Emergency mental health presentations in children with autism spectrum disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. J Paediatr Child Health. Advance online publication.    

Project Snapshot – KidsTHRIVE

Trans-nasal Humidified Rapid- Insufflation Ventilatory Exchange in Children Requiring Emergent Intubation Aim The aim of this study is to assess the effect of THRIVE as a method for prolonging apnoeic oxygenation during the emergency intubation of children to reduce the proportion adverse events (specifically, oxygen desaturation) and increase the proportion of first attempt success for … Continued

PI and RA Research Training Days – Melbourne 21 & 22 June

A number of multicentre studies will commence with the PREDICT network over the next few months.  These studies include PROMPT Bolus, SONIC, PeaChY O and CHOICE UTI.  In order for sites to be educated on all studies, we are planning a PI/ Research Nurse education session at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne on Monday 21st … Continued

Project Snapshot – PEAChY-O

PEAChY-0: Pharmacological Emergency management of Agitation in Children and Young people – A randomised controlled trial of Oral medication Trial Design: Pragmatic, open-label, multi-centre, phase III superiority, randomised controlled trial (RCT). Aim: To determine in children and adolescents aged ≥7 years to <18 years with acute severe behavioural disturbance (ASBD) whether oral olanzapine is more … Continued

New PREDICT publications

Congratulations to the following authors: Haskell L, Tavender EJ, Wilson CL, O’Brien S, Babl FE, Borland ML, Cotterell E, Schembri R, Orsini F, Sheridan N, Johnson DW, Oakley E, Dalziel SR; PREDICT Network. Effectiveness of Targeted Interventions on Treatment of Infants With Bronchiolitis: A Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Pediatr. 2021 Apr 12. doi: 10.1001/jamapediatrics.2021.0295. Epub … Continued

New PREDICT publications

Congratulations to the following authors: Babl FE, Tavender E, Dalziel SR; Paediatric Research in Emergency Departments International Collaborative (PREDICT). From knowledge generation to synthesis to translation. Emerg Med Australas. 2021 Apr;33(2):192-194

Project snapshot: APSOS-1

Australian and New Zealand Prospective Sepsis Observational Study-1  Multi-centre, prospective observational study to investigate the prevalence, management, and outcomes of children with sepsis. Setting and target:  >10 PREDICT sites in Australia and New Zealand. Inclusion criteria: Age <18 years, requiring hospital admission for admission for IV/IM/IO antibiotics, circulatory support (IV fluid bolus or inotrope).Children aged … Continued

Project snapshot – Prompt Bolus

Pragmatic Paediatric Trial of Balanced Versus Normal Saline Fluid in Sepsis (PRoMPT BOLUS) A pragmatic, international randomised controlled trial comparing 0.9% saline to balanced fluids for sepsis resuscitation and initial maintenance. This study aims to: To evaluate the effectiveness and safety of balanced fluids for sepsis resuscitation and initial maintenance compared to 0.9% saline. Setting … Continued

Project snapshot – SONIC

Study of Neck Injury Imaging in Children (SONIC): Improving the Diagnosis of Spinal Cord, Bone and Ligament Injuries Many children sustain head and neck trauma during their lifetime. Significant neck injuries – to spinal cord, neck bones and connecting ligaments – can be identified by performing neck imaging with x-rays, or, if needed, computed tomography … Continued