Relocation of information on the PREDICT website

You may have already noticed that the “Education” tab that was on the home page of our website is no longer there! 
This has been replaced by a tab for “Guidelines” and will soon house our paediatric head injury guidelines and our bronchiolitis guidelines. 

The information that was under the Education tab has been relocated in a couple of spots. 
Information about our “Research Higher Degree program” now sits under the “About Us” tab.
Information about “How to get started in Research” and our “Podcasts”  sit under the “Resources” tab (link). 

Outcome of PREDICT Executive voting

Thank you to the PREDICT members who nominated to be part of the next PREDICT Executive and to those who voted. 
We were very pleased to have a broader list of nominees than previously and a total of 55 votes – which is a great result!

The PREDICT Executive for the next period is:

Chair – A/Prof Meredith Borland

Past Chair – Dr Stuart Dalziel

Vice Chair (1) – Prof Franz Babl

Vice Chair (2) – Dr Simon Craig

Treasurer – Dr Elliot Long

Secretary – Mrs Sharon O’Brien


We look forward to another productive era for PREDICT!

Call for Nominations RHD or RA

This is a call for nominations to those interested in the Research Higher Degree scholar and Research Assistant positions on the PREDICT Executive.

These positions are open to eligible candidates for one – two years only.  They will be appointed by the current Executive.

What does being on the Executive involve:

    • A role on the Executive requires active involvement in approximately monthly meetings about the networks operations (4 x teleconferences and 4  x 1 day face to face meetings per year of which 3 are in Melbourne and 1 usually interstate, (expenses are paid to attend).  It also involves regular communication and response to issues as they arise on a weekly basis.
    • Previewing the executive agenda then actively participating in meetings to give an independent opinion, advice and decision making.
    • Make decisions that are in the best interest of the Network as a whole.
    • Bringing issues of importance to the network, to the meeting agenda for discussion.
    • Reviewing and commenting on new studies when presented to the Executive.
    • Act as an executive sponsor for approved projects maintaining oversite of study progress through the project principal investigator and steering committee
    • Following up on actions deemed necessary at the meetings.
    • Reviewing and commenting on issues via email / telephone in between meetings as required.
    • Reinforcing PREDICT research guidelines and policy with members locally.
    • Maintaining confidentiality in relation to sensitive issues discussed.

What to do:

If you wish to nominate yourself / or another, please express interest by COB 21st of November 2018 to

– Which position/s you wish to nominate for
– Your title and name
– Your craft group and current position held

Australian Clinical Trials Alliance (ACTA)

Dear PREDICT members,

PREDICT is currently a member of the Australian Clinical Trials Alliance (ACTA).
ACTA supports and represents the investigator-led clinical trials sector in Australia. For the most part, ACTA members are organisations – CTNs, CTCCs and registries.

Please see below a link to enable you to sign up to the ACTA mailing list.  This will enable you to have more immediate access to their newsletter to keep you up to date with their activities and work on behalf of the sector.

Click here to sign-up for the ACTA mailing list.


Cate Wilson
Research Network Coordinator

PERN Asthma Working Group – acute asthma guidelines

Dear PREDICT research sites,

The PREDICT network is part of the global Paediatric Emergency Research Network (PERN,

Recently, PERN has supported the formation of an Asthma Working Group, coordinated by Dr Simon Craig (at Monash Health).
One of the first studies for this group relates to international differences in clinical practice guidelines for acute exacerbations of asthma in children.

PREDICT would be very grateful for your help with this study.

To contribute, all you need to do is email a copy of your clinical practice guideline (and any supporting information such as background documents or literature reviews) to the following address:

Yours sincerely,

Simon Craig, on behalf of the PERN Asthma Working Group

Research study day

The Lead Investigators and Study Coordinators of these studies wish to invite you to a combined study education meeting.


The purpose of this meeting is to provide increased knowledge of the broader concepts of what is required to conduct a large multi-centre trial – along with important specific education items for each of the studies involved.

We strongly encourage attendance from most sites in order to get up to speed with particular study requirements – unless alternative arrangements have been made (eg. site visits).

Process flow for research ethics and governance approvals (PDF)


  • Tuesday 16/2/16 – 12.30 -5.30pm
  • Wednesday 17/2/16 – 8.30 – 3.30pm


The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne & MCRI – Danks meeting room, Level 5 West MCRI


Who should attend

Research Assistants or site PIs (some sites do not have an RA). One person from each site will be funded to attend (covering travel and one night of accommodation).

Note: If extra staff need to attend from a site they should discuss this with the overall project co-ordinators for the relevant study ie. BellPIC – Amanda Williams, ConSEPT – Megan Bonisch or Donna Franklin PARIS High Flow.


Will be booked for you for the night of 16/2/16 – if required at either hotel below – depending on availability.

Larwill Studio (at Royal Children’s Hospital)
Mercure North Melbourne (across road from hospital)

What to do to attend

Please register at TRYBOOKING  by Friday 11/12/15.

  • When you register you will be asked if you want accommodation.  If you indicate yes – we will book and pay for it.
  • Please book and pay for your own economy flights.  These will be reimbursed – keep all receipts and we will advise on the reimbursement procedure later on.


If you have questions re content or attendance – please contact your respective project co-ordinator.

If you have a question re bookings – please email