Grant success for Elliot Long

Congratulations to PREDICT Executive Member, Associate Professor Elliot Long from Melbourne Children’s Campus, who has secured a $589,520.00 NHMRC Investigator EL1 grant over 5 years. His fellowship will focus on transforming clinical care for children with sepsis. The program of work includes:

  • SENTINEL study: a landscape analysis of the burden of community acquired sepsis in Australian Emergency Departments.
  • SENTINEL International: an international landscape analysis extending the SENTINEL dataset to over 30 low and middle-income countries and some high-income countries.
  • BASIS: an exploratory biomarker discovery study looking for early markers of severe disease.
  • PASSPORT: an adaptive platform trial that will evaluate multiple sepsis interventions simultaneously and sequentially, using the data and capacity established through SENTINEL and SENTINEL International. 

Expected to commence in early 2025, the initiative aims to improve the evidence for sepsis therapies in ANZ, which will be scaled globally under Associate Professor Long’s leadership.