Project Snapshot – The Kids are Not Ok: Delphi study

The Kids are Not Ok: A Delphi Study to identify consensus research priorities and core outcome sets in paediatric emergency mental health presentations

  • To determine a prioritised list of research questions and identify a set of core clinical and mental health outcomes for children and adolescents presenting to the ED with mental health concerns.
  • Children/young people under 18 who attended ED with mental health concerns and their parents/carers.
  • Doctors, nurses, mental health clinicians, police, paramedics, schoolteachers, school counsellors, hospital security.
Recruitment Status
  • Commenced 2nd of May 2022 and will continue to the 30th of June
  • Sites pending governance approval can join in recruitment process and project until mid-June, 2022.
Current Status
  • As of 30.05.2022 – Complete Survey 1 responses received from healthcare/community-based services members = 57 (out of 103 survey response records), and complete Survey 1 responses from patient/carers = 8 (out of 29 survey response records).
  • The participants are from:
    • VIC – Austin Health, Monash Health, Royal Children’s Hospital, Eastern Health, University Hospital Geelong-Barwon Health, Ambulance Victoria, Vic Police
    • SA – Women’s and Children’s Hospital, South Australia Ambulance
    • QLD – Gold Coast University Hospital, Queensland Ambulance Service
    • TAS – Royal Hobart Hospital
    • WA – WA school psychologist, WA police

 We are very keen to recruit more patients and families – please make an effort to approach them over the next month.