Project snapshot: APSOS-1

Australian and New Zealand Prospective Sepsis Observational Study-1 

Multi-centre, prospective observational study to investigate the prevalence, management, and outcomes of children with sepsis.

Setting and target: 

>10 PREDICT sites in Australia and New Zealand.

Inclusion criteria:

Age <18 years, requiring hospital admission for admission for IV/IM/IO antibiotics, circulatory support (IV fluid bolus or inotrope).Children aged 6 months – 18 years, requiring hospital admission for sepsis and >1 fluid bolus.

Exclusion criteria:

Patients receiving inotrope / vasopressor for indications other than sepsis, post-operative cardiac surgical patients, post-operative solid organ transplant patients.

Ethics and consent:

Ethics approval for verbal consent for 90-day follow-up (text, email, or phone); enrol patient when meeting inclusion criteria. Consent by enrolling clinician or within 24 hours by research team.


APSOS 1 will begin recruitment in March 2021 (in conjunction with PROMPT Bolus), study duration 1 year.

Study duration:

1 year.