Project Snapshot – PERN Pneumonia

Predicting Severe Pneumonia in the Emergency Department: A Global Study of the Pediatric Emergency Research Networks (PERN)

Prospective cohort study of community acquired pneumonia

  • To identify predictors of disease severity in paediatric CAP; including the need for hospitalization, empyema, respiratory failure, sepsis and death.
  • To develop a clinical prediction rule that would accurately identify children with CAP who are at risk for low, moderate and severe disease.

Study commenced February 2019 (within the PREDICT Network) and is running for 24 months

  • Sample size: <4700
  • Current Overall Enrolment Total: 2156
  • Current Enrolment total within PREDICT Network: 229
  • Perth Children’s Hospital have been in top enrolling sites overall every month since September 2019.
  • Children’s Hospital at Westmead- First enrolment 17/11/2019. Total enrolled: 21
  • Gold Coast University Hospital- First enrolment 09/04/2019. Total enrolled: 14
  • Logan Hospital- First enrolment 19/02/2019. Total enrolled: 14
  • Monash Medical Centre – First enrolment 02/05/2019. Total enrolled: 04
  • Perth Children’s Hospital- First enrolment 28/02/2019. Total enrolled: 57
  • Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne. First enrolment 10/02/2019. Total enrolled: 45
  • Royal Hobart Hospital. First enrolment 03/04/2019. Total enrolled: 15
  • Starship Children’s Hospital. First enrolment 08/10/2019. Total enrolled: 14
  • Sydney Children’s Hospital. First enrolment 31/10/2019. Total enrolled: 23
  • Townsville Hospital. First enrolment 18/05/2019. Total enrolled: 01
  • Women’s and Children’s Hospital. First enrolment 28/05/2019. Total enrolled: 21

We have partaken in 2 PERN PREDICT Teleconferences (December 2019 & May 2020) to encourage/cajole/support sites, and to ensure all PREDICT sites have access to the data locally to understand what is going on with enrolment.

All 11 participating centres are up and recruiting now. Enrolment has slowed significantly, as expected due to the COVID crisis. Amendments have/are being submitted to provide an option to make this a “no contact” study.