Project Snapshot – Kids THRIVE

Trans-nasal Humidified Rapid- Insufflation Ventilatory Exchange in Children Requiring Emergent Intubation (Kids THRIVE): A Randomised Controlled Trial

Study commenced December 15th 2017
  • >1,314 screened for KIDS THRIVE eligibility
  • 548 randomised
  • 503 enrolled
  • 37 post randomisation exclusion
  • 95 Prospective consent
  • 416 Consent to continue (delayed consent)
  • 140 Parental awareness of study when using delayed consent
  • 5 Refused – prospective approach
  • 11 Refused – Consent to continue (delayed consent)
  • 0 Withdrawn
  • 9 hrs Mean time taken to finalise consent to continue
Sites currently recruiting:
  • QCH, Brisbane (ED & PICU) – 256 recruited
  • RCH, Melbourne (PICU) – 111 recruited
  • RCH, Melbourne (NICU) – 21 recruited
  • GCUH, Qld (ED & PICU) – 34 recruited
  • PCH, WA PICU – 13 recruited
  • Monash Health – 5 recruited (ED& PICU)
  • Townsville (ED & PICU) – 25 recruited
  • Women’s and Children’s, Adelaide (PICU) – 12 recruited
  • Westmead Children’s Hospital, Sydney (PICU) – 24 recruited
  • Starship Children’s Hospital, New Zealand (ED & PICU) – 2 recruited [site paused due to issues with delayed consent]
Sites to commence recruiting in 2020:
  • BC Children’s Hospital, Vancouver, Canada
  • University Kinderspital Zurich Children’s Hospital, Zurich
  • Vittore Buzzi, Milan, Italy

The KIDS THRIVE study has recruited 503 patients with WCH PICU in Adelaide recruiting the 500th patient to this trial at the end of April 2020. Recruitment has been a bit slower since the Covid 19 crisis due to reduced surgical lists and our PICU’s and ED’s being quieter.

The KIDS THRIVE Steering Committee is working hard in the background to finalise the data cleaning process for all patients and aims to commence this shortly.

This trial is exceptional, and we thank the huge effort that all sites continue to put in to making this study successful and demonstrating that research can be done in critically ill children in the emergency setting when we all work together.

Thank you!