“Getting to know you” – meet Nicola Arnold

Our “Getting to Know You” segment ensures PREDICT members are aware of new members, their interests and areas of expertise and where they are located.  This month we introduce Nicola Arnold from Werribee Mercy Hospital.

“I am the clinical nurse educator in the emergency department at Werribee Mercy Hospital. The hospital has recently opened a paediatric department, which means that the ED now sees and admits, higher acuity paediatric patients. The hospital sees approximately 25–30 paediatric cases a day, and this number will only keep growing. My areas of interest involve the integrated use of paediatric education to nursing and medical staff – through in-situ simulations and more structured simulations, in order to boost confidence and knowledge base amongst staff.

I look forward to disseminating up to date, relevant research to my staff in order to improve our practice in the department.”