Project Snapshot – Kids THRIVE

KIDS THRIVE – trans-nasal Humidified Rapid-Insufflation Ventilatory Exchange In Children Requiring Emergent High Intubation

Investigating the effect of THRIVE as a method for prolonging apnoeic oxygenation during the emergency intubation of children to reduce the proportion adverse events (specifically, oxygen desaturation) and increase the proportion of first attempt success for endotracheal intubation.

Recruitment stats:

  • 371 screened for KIDS THRIVE eligibility, (37 ED & 332 PICU)
  • 146 enrolled (22 ED & 123 PICU)
  • 59 missed patients
  • Video collected on 135 patients

Sites currently recruiting:

  • RCH, Melbourne – 40 recruited
  • LCCH, Brisbane – 96 recruited
  • GCUH, Gold Coast – 8 recruited
  • Starship, New Zealand- 2 recruited

Sites soon to commence:

  • Townsville Emergency Department & Paediatric Intensive Care (May 2018)


This week marks the 145th patient recruited to the KIDS THRIVE Trial which is a tribute to everyone’s hard work and dedication to this project. The KIDS THRIVE team have also submitted NHMRC application and have been successful in completing the first phase of the Thrasher Research Fund process for further funding of this important work.

We now have a KIDS THRIVE web page hosted on the Children’s Health Queensland site. It gives both parents and sites some general information about the study and to show case the amazing work we are doing. You can also keep up to date with the KIDS THRIVE project on Twitter @KIDSTHRIVE.

The KIDS THRIVE study team would like to take this opportunity to thank all sites for their enormous effort over the last few months.

Chief Investigators A/Prof Andreas Schibler, Dr Shane George, Dr Susan Humphreys, Dr Ben Gelbart and Study Co-ordinator Tara Williams

….. Next month we feature KT Bronchiolitis Project: Sharon O’Brien/Libby Haskell.