Getting to know you – new PREDICT member Melissa Spooner

To ensure PREDICT members are aware of new members and where they are located, we will be featuring our new segment “Getting to know you” in our monthly newsletter.  This month we introduce Melissa Spooner a registered nurse from Hawkes Bay Hospital, New Zealand.

“I work at Hawke’s Bay Hospital in the Clinical Trials Research Unit which covers a lot of different therapeutic areas – mainly adult medicine.

I have one day a week dedicated to paediatrics which is my main interest, so of course our team is interested in every aspect of paediatric research and hoping to increase this.  We are always on the lookout for more trials – mainly medical.

I have worked within paediatrics for approximately 18 years as a nurse and was introduced to the research side in 2005 and thoroughly enjoyed it, so here I still am.

At the moment we have trials looking at Bronchiolitis, Oximetry in premature babies and Dextrose gel in high risk new born babies on the go.

I am very happy to have joined the PREDICT team and look forward to what the future entails.”