Wrap It Up for 2017!

Merry Christmas from PREDICT

2017 has been a big year for the network with lots of work coming to fruition and continued growth. Thank you to all members and collaborators for helping to bring about the following achievements:

  • 80 members renewed their PREDICT membership and 5 new members were welcomed.  PREDICT membership now encompasses 35 different organisations
  • Commenced working with 13 new sites in various regions of Australia and New Zealand
  • The Emergency Medicine Foundation (EMF) and PREDICT presented the Acute Care and Research Translation Workshop in Brisbane.
  • Collaborated with researchers from PICUs, Neurology, ENT, General Paediatrics, Neuropsychology and Respiratory Medicine
  • Collaborated internationally with researchers from other paediatric emergency medicine networks – PERC, PECARN, PEM CRC, PERUKI, REPEM, PERN
  • Continued to mentor 7 PREDICT research higher degree students with 2 students commenced.
  • 10 successful grant applications
  • Commenced the APHIRST-Gap, Asthma Retrospective, Kids Thrive, SEARCH and PARIS 2 studies!
  • Completed recruitment for the ConSEPT study!
  • 13 Journal publications and 20 conference presentations
  • Held two well attended and stimulating members meetings in Gold Coast and Melbourne
  • Dr Terry Klassen from Canada visited the network in Melbourne and Queensland
  • Awarded a PREDICT prize at ACEM – won by Nitaa Eapen from Murdoch Children’s Research Institute for her study on “Clinically Important Traumatic Brian Injury in sport”.