Register by 30/6/17 if you need funding to attend October members meeting

Dear PREDICT Members

Considering the size of our network now and the limited resources we have available ($14,000 from NHMRC CRE funds) we ask all PREDICT members to fund their own travel and accommodation to attend our meetings as much as possible (CME funds, hospitals funds, research funds etc).

In relation to the PREDICT members meeting on 25th & 26th of October (preceeding PAC), PREDICT will aim to cover the expenses (accommodation and airfare only) for one member from each organisation actively involved in PREDICT research to attend.

Registration for the event is NOW OPEN via Trybooking and we ask you to register by 30/6/17 if you plan to attend and wish to be funded for some or all of your expenses.

When you register, you will be asked if you require PREDICT sponsorship for flights and/or accommodation.  If more members request sponsorship than central funding is available based on registrations, the PREDICT executive will determine sponsored attendances based on the timing of the electronic registration.

Therefore if you require sponsorship for this event you must register by 30/6/17.  After that time, you can still register to attend but requests for sponsorship WILL NOT be considered.  Additional members attending from the same site will be required to cover expenses using alternative funding sources.

We will endeavour to let everyone know whether they are funded to attend by the first week of July 2017 and Marian Chandler will organise bookings then.

Catering during the meeting is provided for all attendees, except for the dinner which will be approximately $80 per head.  The following incidentals WILL NOT be covered for any attendee:

  • taxi fares
  • airport parking fees
  • meals outside the meeting

Please see additional post for full meeting details.