Project Snapshot – Asthma Retrospective Study

Ethics and governance:

Queensland sites have ethics approval. A multi-site NEAF has been prepared for Victoria, SA, NSW and ACT sites, and is currently under review at Monash Health. Tasmania, Darwin and NZ have also made ethics applications.

A data-sharing agreement will also need to be arranged and must be signed off at all sites before data collection can commence. This is currently being reviewed by Monash Health and MCRI.

Other progress:

  • REDCAP database has been constructed and tested.
  • Funding applications have been submitted, no successful applications yet.

International (PREDICT-led) Asthma Projects:

An international working group, with representatives from all PERN research networks has been formed to look at outcome measures in clinical trials of acute severe paediatric asthma. A number of projects are being planned, and will be circulated through PREDICT as they develop.  It is likely that future asthma work will include:

  • Interviews and/or surveys with clinicians
  • Interviews and/or surveys with patients
  • Review of clinical guidelines
  • ICU registry data
  • Ambulance data
  • Validation of clinical asthma severity scores
  • Prioritisation of outcome measures
  • Development of consensus documents regarding the conduct and reporting of clinical trials in acute severe asthma.

Please contact Simon ( with any queries.