Research study day

The Lead Investigators and Study Coordinators of these studies wish to invite you to a combined study education meeting.


The purpose of this meeting is to provide increased knowledge of the broader concepts of what is required to conduct a large multi-centre trial – along with important specific education items for each of the studies involved.

We strongly encourage attendance from most sites in order to get up to speed with particular study requirements – unless alternative arrangements have been made (eg. site visits).

Process flow for research ethics and governance approvals (PDF)


  • Tuesday 16/2/16 – 12.30 -5.30pm
  • Wednesday 17/2/16 – 8.30 – 3.30pm


The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne & MCRI – Danks meeting room, Level 5 West MCRI


Who should attend

Research Assistants or site PIs (some sites do not have an RA). One person from each site will be funded to attend (covering travel and one night of accommodation).

Note: If extra staff need to attend from a site they should discuss this with the overall project co-ordinators for the relevant study ie. BellPIC – Amanda Williams, ConSEPT – Megan Bonisch or Donna Franklin PARIS High Flow.


Will be booked for you for the night of 16/2/16 – if required at either hotel below – depending on availability.

Larwill Studio (at Royal Children’s Hospital)
Mercure North Melbourne (across road from hospital)

What to do to attend

Please register at TRYBOOKING  by Friday 11/12/15.

  • When you register you will be asked if you want accommodation.  If you indicate yes – we will book and pay for it.
  • Please book and pay for your own economy flights.  These will be reimbursed – keep all receipts and we will advise on the reimbursement procedure later on.


If you have questions re content or attendance – please contact your respective project co-ordinator.

If you have a question re bookings – please email