Publications and Presentations

Abstract presented by Susan Montgomery at the Townsville Hospital and Health Service Research Week Symposium 2016
Babl F, Borland M, Phillips N., Kochar A., Dalton S., McCaskill M, Cheek J., Gilhotra Y., Furyk J., Neutze J, Lyttle M., Bressan S., Donath S., Molesworth C, Jachno K., Ward B., Williams A., Mongomery S, Baylis A, Crowe L., Oakley E., and Dalziel S., Choosing When to Use Computed Tomography in Paediatric Head Injury’, Townsville Hospital and Health Service Research Week Symposium, Townsville. Link

Abstract to be presented at ACEM 2016 by Jeremy Furyk
Furyk J., Ray R, McBain-Rigg K, Fox H, Wilson C, Babl F E, Schibler A., Franklin D., and Dalziel S., ‘Qualitative Evaluation of a Deferred Consent Process in Paediatric Emergency Research’, 33rd ACEM Annual Scientific Meeting, Queenstown, New Zealand, Emergency Medicine Australis  (2016), IN PRESS

Published paper – Donna Franklin
Franklin D., Dalziel S., Schlapbach L. J., Babl F. E., Oakley E., Craig S. S., Furyk J. S., Neutze J., Sinn K., Whitty J. A., Gibbons K., Fraser J., and Schibler A., ‘Early High Flow Nasal Cannula Therapy in Bronchiolitis, a Prospective Randomised Control Trial (Protocol): A Paediatric Acute Respiratory Intervention Study (Paris)’, BMC Pediatr, (2015) 15183. Link